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Arbeitsgruppe Deutschland e.V.

Arbeitsgruppe Deutschland e.V.

The map gives an overview of the current state of the collections in RISM. After you click on a point on the map, a menu on the left-hand side opens where you can see the number of records in RISM and the cataloging status. Completed collections are green and collections marked yellow are either in process or waiting to be cataloged. Red means that the collections are new and unprocessed yet not in the long-standing strategy of RISM Germany, but the holding institutions or owners have expressed an interest in having them cataloged by RISM. Given that new collections are reported to us on a regular basis (in particular materials newly acquired by libraries and institutions that are already in RISM, but also private collections), the 250 collections that still need to be cataloged (a number determined in 2015) can be reduced only slowly. Last updated September 2022


Newly discovered collection from Sennfeld (Franconia) to be cataloged

Jörg Wöltche (Church Music Director, Deanery of Schweinfurt) has committed himself to cataloging for RISM a collection of handwritten music material dating between 1788 and 1812 that was discovered in 2018. The trove of 149 church cantatas and Lutheran masses for Protestant church services as well as 31 motets comprises...

24 February 2022 – Rediscovered

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Insights into the Music Collection of Duchess Luise Friederike of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

We have received the following from Miriam Roner (RISM Germany, Dresden office): February 3, 2022 marked the 300th birthday of Luise Friederike, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. For RISM Germany, this major birthday is a welcome opportunity to put a special emphasis on cataloging her music collection. If she were alive, she...

10 February 2022 – Rediscovered

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RIdIM Germany

The new website of RIdIM Germany (Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale) launched on 26 April 2021 and can be found at http://ridim.musiconn.de. Prior to this, as part of the second project phase of the DFG-funded Fachinformationsdienst (FID) Musikwissenschaft, the design and functionality of the RIdIM website and the web-based RIdIM database...

2 June 2021 – In the news

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Sensationeller Fund

Im Rahmen der Sichtung von Fragmenten im Bayerischen Hauptstaatsarchiv wurde eine aufregende Entdeckung gemacht. Es ist nicht die erste Blüte, die aus diesem Fundus der Fragmentensammlung herausragt. 2018 wurden schon Teile einer Sonate für zwei Violinen und Basso Continuo von Johann Caspar Teubner aus dem Jahr 1695 gefunden (BayHStA, Fragmentensammlung...

1 March 2021 – Library collections

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Cataloging Music

The Dresden office of RISM Germany commenced a project in December 2020 to catalog the music manuscripts in the Rostock University Library (D-ROu). The collection comprises ca. 950 manuscripts from the 16th to 19th centuries. The first batch of manuscripts that arrived in Dresden for cataloging contains the music collection...

19 January 2021 – Library collections

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Dresden office

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For RIdIM (Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale):
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