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Arbeitsgruppe Deutschland e.V.

Arbeitsgruppe Deutschland e.V.

New Board of Directors for RISM DEUTSCHLAND e.V.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A new board of directors was elected during the Membership Meeting of the independent working group in Germany, RISM Deutschland e.V. on December 10, 2018 in Munich. Our esteemed previous board members led by Prof. Dr. Betzwieser (Frankfurt am Main) and the vice president Prof. Dr. Schick (Munich) were not up for reelection.

Prof. Dr. Nicole Schwindt (Trossingen) was elected to the office of president and the vice president is Dr. Bernhold Schmid (Munich), who had previously served on the board as secretary. Dr. Christoph Meixner (Weimar) was elected as the new secretary.


The RISM Deutschland team and its members warmly thanked Dr. Betzwieser and Dr. Schick, and we are looking forward to working with Dr. Schwindt and Dr. Schmid as well as Dr. Meixner and Dr. Wiermann.

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